Black Widow Theme

Now available to our customers is the all-new theme “Black Widow”

This stunning new car dealer website design is completely different to what we usually offer and brings us inline with our more expensive competitors.

Costing £1050 + VAT per year this website is comparable to spending less than £90 + VAT per month – Can your current media provider supply the same?

Car Dealer 5’s New Themes – WordPress Alternative

Car Dealer 5 have now started to release the brand new in-house designs created over the last six months. All the live car dealer website designs have now been hand coded and are available to see on our homepage. Give them a click to see a live dealer using the theme.

With over 20 new designs, Car Dealer 5 have car dealer website themes to suit any dealer and the most expensive is a country mile cheaper than the competitions offerings. These themes are a fantastic alternative to a WordPress theme whilst looking the part and functioning easily being powered by the Car Dealer 5 system. Using a Car Dealer 5 theme not only speeds up data entry by the use of VRM, but allows you to send your stock to all of the major 3rd party advertisers automatically and even several free sites that expose your stock for you. A WordPress driven website cannot do this.

All the Car Dealer 5 themes can be customised with many options including full finance integration built in, displaying or hiding certain options, colours can be changed on the fly to suit your branding and all banner and slider images are available from our stock image selection – predefined perfectly for the theme you are using.. In short, you can’t go wrong and your car dealer website is not only going to look professional but it will be polished, , SEO friendly, GDPR compliant, fast and effective for your customers navigate and get in touch.

To see how Car Dealer 5 can show off your business and save you money, give us a call today on 01902 20 3333 and David will talk you through everything.

Are you GDPR ready?

As you may well know, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is on its way and you need to be prepared.

To keep it simple, its all about your customers and potential customers giving you consent to store their details and contact them about future marketing. What this means for your website is that you need to be clear about your privacy statement and how you will not only store your customers data, but how you will use it and when you will destroy / remove it and how you can change or remove it at the customers request.

You are considered to be the Data Controller. Car Dealer 5 Ltd is the Data Processor and your customers are the Data Subjects..

First of all you need to give your Data Subjects a method to give you (the Data Controller) consent. Car Dealer 5 can take care of that for you by adding the necessary tick boxes to secure online forms, standard privacy statements and the ability to store this consent for you for future reference. You will be able to see who the customer is, what date and time they gave you consent, where they gave you consent from and even the IP address / browser they used when they did it. This will be available to you while you are a customer of Car Dealer 5 Ltd.

May 25th is the date you need to be ready and all of our brand new websites will be GDPR ready to show your willingness to conform to this new regulation.

Is your current website GDPR ready? Are you?

New Image Upload System

Car Dealer 5 how now released a brand new image upload system. Those of you with a slower connection can now be rest assured that your images will upload properly no matter how many you send at one time.

The system is fully responsive and will allow you to drag and drop images into the image area as well as choose your files and upload them in the order you choose.

It’s been a long time coming but will improve the overall experience of administrating your stock with your Car Dealer 5 account.

Motonovo Finance

Car Dealer 5 work with companies like Codewevers, Ivendi, Evolution Funding and Black Horse Finance to supply finance figures direct onto your car dealer website using finance widgets. One of the companies that supply the finance figures for the vehicles is Motonovo Finance.

Take for example – a cutting-edge company who are able to be the middleman between Motonovo Finance and your website. Using complex data calls on the fly, the finance figures are automatically created and displayed on your website in the correct format using special widgets which can include your financial disclosure information too (a strict regulation of the FCA) giving your customers not only confidence in your website and service, but an informed choice of how much each vehicle will cost per month wether it be PCP, HP or LP etc. The variables and terms you agree with your finance company are set at Ivendi which makes sure the correct figures and finance options are presented each and every time for all vehicles.

The customer is usually able to change the payment term and the deposit amount in order to adjust the monthly repayment figure to suit their own personal budget.

Car Dealer 5 can also offer slick finance tools that enable the user to change the term and amount graphically hence swiftly and easily giving them a positive and slick experience.

Motonovo are one of leading names in the auto finance industry and have representatives in all areas of the country. Should you require a visit from an account manager you can find one in your local area here

Elite Packages

Car Dealer 5 now offer Elite packages. Each Elite website is fully responsive and is eligible for any finance integration solution from Ivendi, Codeweavers or Evolution Finance. We will fully integrate your solution to your website and apply the correct rates against your stock so your customers are in the know immediately regarding monthly options for each vehicle.

The Elite package also has many features included which are available as optional extras for the packages at lower budgets. Check out these free features below and see there respective costs should you choose them if you aren’t on the Elite platform.

FREE VRM Activation worth £50 + VAT
120 FREE VRM Credits
Ultimate Sliders * Only available to Elite
Finance Image Creation worth £60 + VAT
Search by budget  * Only available to Elite
Image straps * Only available to Elite
Image overlay worth £120 + VAT
Facebook Timeline worth £60 + VAT
Facebook Showroom worth £120 + VAT
Submenus * Only available to Elite
Stocklist banners * Only available to Elite
Parallax (static backgrounds when scrolling) * Only available to Elite

Your partner logos are all added to the website for you including FCA statements, Company details and customer payment options.

Our Elite package has the functionality of our competitors, at a fraction of the cost. Our closest competitor charges a full £910 + VAT per year more for their basic version and £1350 + VAT per year more for their enhanced version.

At £1050 + VAT per year, Car Dealer 5 challenge you to find better value..

Responsive Administration

Now available is our brand new Responsive Administration system! This means you can control your site, your stock and your images from your phone on the go. No awkward scrolling or zooming, everything you need is presented to you seemlessly on your mobile device.

Contact us on 01902 20 33 33 for more information.

Responsive Websites

You will have heard of the new buzz word lately – “Responsive”.. What does this mean to your average car dealer? Well, put simply a responsive website will adapt itself for any screen size and any device be it a mobile phone, tablet, iPod touch etc.

Is it necessary to have a responsive website?

The question should be is it necessary to have a completely responsive website and the answer is no. Google is happy so long as you have measures in place to redirect your customers to a mobile template should the website be being viewed from a mobile device such as a phone.

Google now takes into consideration that your site has a mobile template and this factor contributes towards your overall rankings on the famous search engine.

Should you have a completely responsive website – Google also likes this however your end user will probably appreciate it more. A fully responsive car dealer website will make it clear to the user viewing the site on any device that your branding and functionality of the pages is the same.

For a fully responsive car dealer website package, call Car Dealer 5 today and be setup within 24 hours from £450 + VAT per year. That works out at an equivalent of only £37.50 + VAT per month!

Car Dealer 5 hits 250+ UK Dealers

It’s now been a little over two years since the conception of Car Dealer 5.Starting off with a handful of car dealers that upgraded from the old Car Script system developed by Viper Image Media, Car Dealer 5 now boasts well over 250 UK car dealers using the automated, centralised system that can feed all the 3rd party providers required!

Car Dealer 5 has recently upped prices by a mere £40 per year purely to cover server costs and overheads. MD Adrian Pitt expressed that prices would not be hiked up every five minutes however new options would be available as extras for customers should they choose to bolt them onto their current package.

Car Dealer 5 is aiming for 300 customers by Spring 2015 – let’s see what they can do! If you’re a car dealer and need to save money by switching providers, give Adrian a call on 01902 20 3333 today!

Autotrader vs Ebay Motors Pro

How effective is your car dealer online marketing strategy?

Many car dealers over the last 6 months have approached me with many questions and supplied valuable information as to what stock moves best on which 3rd party advertising sites.

Autotrader Feedback

It appears that when using Autotrader the turnover of stock is much faster than any other 3rd party provider.

It appears that they are more expensive than any other provider – around £8.50-£11.50 per vehicle (+ VAT) per week.

For 20 cars that’s a guestimate of a fair chunk of cash + VAT per month.

It would then appear that the profit margin per vehicle is significantly less due to these facts, however dealers seem somehow comforted to be on Autotrader as they are confident their stock will move swiftly, even though they are busy and earning less profit.

It also seems that any type of car seems to sell using Autotrader.

Car Dealer 5 can feed your Dealer Portal account by plugging your Dealer ID number into the centralised Car Dealer 5 system. Alternatively we can accept an INCOMING feed from your Dealer ID so your Car Dealer 5 website is populated with the stock on your Dealer Portal.

Ebay Motors Feedback

Ebay Motors is as popular as Autotrader with the current dealer count using Car Dealer 5.

Price is the key for this advertiser. Around £169 + VAT per month to list 20 cars is a big hit with our dealers.

That’s only £2 per car per week.

The turnover of cars is lower than Autotrader however the profit margin per car is much higher due to the low monthly price. Also the monthly savings come in handy to list the dealers stock at other 3rd party sites such as, RAC, AA and etc.

Ebay Motors Pro seems to do well for the dealers who list everyday cars under the £10,000 mark.

The Car Dealer 5 system will allow the Ebay Motors Pro dealer to list their stock on Car Dealer 5 and choose which car is sent in the feed. The dealer can also set ‘Make an Offer’ to be switched on and set a minimum offer limit so they only receive the offers over that amount to reduce the amount of ridiculous offers that are unacceptable.

How to link your Car Dealer 5 website to Autotrader

Simply give us your company name, contact name, phone number and Dealer ID then we will take care of the rest.

How to link Car Dealer 5 website to Ebay Motors

Login to your Ebay Motors Pro dashboard then scroll down to “upload settings”. Here you can create a unique username and password combination for 3rd party uploads. Once these credentials are set in your dashboard, let us know what they are and set your 3rd party provider to Car Dealer 5.