Motonovo Finance

Car Dealer 5 work with companies like Codewevers, Ivendi, Evolution Funding and Black Horse Finance to supply finance figures direct onto your car dealer website using finance widgets. One of the companies that supply the finance figures for the vehicles is Motonovo Finance.

Take for example – a cutting-edge company who are able to be the middleman between Motonovo Finance and your website. Using complex data calls on the fly, the finance figures are automatically created and displayed on your website in the correct format using special widgets which can include your financial disclosure information too (a strict regulation of the FCA) giving your customers not only confidence in your website and service, but an informed choice of how much each vehicle will cost per month wether it be PCP, HP or LP etc. The variables and terms you agree with your finance company are set at Ivendi which makes sure the correct figures and finance options are presented each and every time for all vehicles.

The customer is usually able to change the payment term and the deposit amount in order to adjust the monthly repayment figure to suit their own personal budget.

Car Dealer 5 can also offer slick finance tools that enable the user to change the term and amount graphically hence swiftly and easily giving them a positive and slick experience.

Motonovo are one of leading names in the auto finance industry and have representatives in all areas of the country. Should you require a visit from an account manager you can find one in your local area here