Car Dealer version 5.1 released

Ok, here’s what we have added in the latest version – build 5.1.

Multi image upload facility

This is now possible when using an HTML 5 compliant web browser (which is all new browsers). A slick new interface enables you to select up to 80 images on your desktop PC, Mac, Tablet or iPad and hit the upload button, while the images upload you can see your real time progress and can continue adding in the vehicle details while the system uploads the images.

Image Rotation

If you take your photos using a digital device such as an iPad or tablet, it’s easy to get your orientation wrong and take the photo in portrait rather than landscape. The Car Dealer build 5.1 allows you to rotate any image that you have uploaded in any direction 90 degrees at a time making your job even easier. Images are rotated real time and it’s fast!

Order Images

After you have uploaded your images, the chances are that you will want to change the order in that they appear. With version 5.1 it’s so simple! Just “drag and drop” your images to where you want them in the grid and they instantly reposition themselves. This is reflected instantly on the front end of your website too!

If you are interested in upgrading to version 5.1 please contact Adrian on 08456 432 110.