Car Dealer 5 hits 250+ UK Dealers

It’s now been a little over two years since the conception of Car Dealer 5.Starting off with a handful of car dealers that upgraded from the old Car Script system developed by Viper Image Media, Car Dealer 5 now boasts well over 250 UK car dealers using the automated, centralised system that can feed all the 3rd party providers required!

Car Dealer 5 has recently upped prices by a mere £40 per year purely to cover server costs and overheads. MD Adrian Pitt expressed that prices would not be hiked up every five minutes however new options would be available as extras for customers should they choose to bolt them onto their current package.

Car Dealer 5 is aiming for 300 customers by Spring 2015 – let’s see what they can do! If you’re a car dealer and need to save money by switching providers, give Adrian a call on 01902 20 3333 today!