How fast can I transfer my existing domain name to Car Dealer 5

If you already have an existing website, we can very easily instruct you on how to transfer the services of your domain over to our system so you can save money. It doesn’t matter if your domain name is a or a .com. We will advise you exactly what to do and in some cases can even do it for you.

We also make sure we setup the same email addresses on your new Car Dealer 5 website so when you go live, you lose no email whatsoever and experience no loss of email service.

If you have a we simply instruct you or your current website provider to change the IPS TAG of your domain to: SWIFTINTERNET
This can be done straight away and your domain will be under our control in a few hours.

If you have a .com domain it firstly has to be “unlocked”. Your current provider can unlock your .com domain name or you can do it yourself if you have registered the .com at a website that has a control panel. When you unlock the domain you request an EPP code. This code is emailed to the administrator of the domain name.

When this code has been obtained, we “request” the domain, which in turn fires an email to the administrator of the .com domain requesting that they change the provider of the domain name. Once this has been confirmed and the EPP Code entered to verify the person is authorised to allow the transfer, it could take up to 7 days before your domain is under our control.

New Feeds to your advertisers

Over the last few months, Car Dealer 5 have been busy building feeds to major advertisers in the industry such as:
RAC Cars
Exchange and Mart

Car Dealer 5 do not charge for feeding your stock to advertisers saving you even more money. If there is an advertiser that you need or want please get in touch and we will endevour to build the feed and add it to our automated system.

Car Dealer 5 – websites for car dealers and autotraders at a cost of only £300 + VAT per year, and yes we heard you! “That is cheap!”