Has BREXIT affected the used car sales industry?

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It would appear over the last 8 months that BREXIT has really affected the used car sales industry throughout the whole of the UK. Even car dealers previously bustling with passing trade customers on busy roads have noticed not only the drop in footfall but the sheer change in consumer spending.

Car dealers that stock cars around the 8 to 10 thousand pounds mark have noticed a sharp decline in sales of cars in this price range and much lower value cars at around the three to four thousand pound mark are shifting far more regularly.

More importantly we as a business have seen a large amount of dealers simply forced to cease trading due to this massive climate change quite possibly brought about by the scaremongering of a No Deal BREXIT. Consumers are holding on to their hard earned cash and probably will so for another twelve months before the dust settles and all relevant ties cut with the EU. As many as fifty dealers so far this year just didn't make it and have had to close the doors which does include dealers who operate their business from home and along side another job.

How can you as a Car Dealer tighten your belt?

Put simply, change your website provider to one who can pass on savings directly into your pocket. Many car dealers know "who is who" in this industry and quite frequently there are new companies popping up claiming that you can do everything from their portal which unfortunately, is  inaccurate.

Since 2011, Car Dealer 5 have been developing a central portal for our dealers that is not just down right good value, but is extremely flexible and simple to use. It can take a feed twice daily from Autotrader so you don't even have to log in or you can feed out to Autotrader FOUR times a day from Car Dealer 5. All other companies are fed daily and Ebay Motors Pro / Gumtree feeds can be pushed manually by our dealers to their relevant accounts throughout the day as many times as they like.

Due to our integrated, yet flexible system and our extremely low overheads, we can pass on huge savings to our dealers and give them not only a product that is groundbreaking for the price, but a personal service that is as efficient as you can get.

Car Dealer 5 currently service just under seven hundred car dealers in the UK and have the ability to scale up without having to worry about extra staffing costs.

So why choose Car Dealer 5?

Great question! Now if you asked the same question four years ago the answer would have been simply to cut costs. However now, with our new Elite packages featuring SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) module and Stock Updates module built in as standard, the switch to us is not only going to save you money, it can now improve how you reach your customers and more importantly get more customers to your online showroom through improved SEO out of the box.

Not only do these features come as standard and more importantly start working as soon as your site is live, the support you will receive cannot be beaten by any of our competitors and our reviews reflect this.

Ok then how much can my business save?

Well, that depends on who your current media company is. Let’s take a closer look at some like for like packages with other media companies.

The following feedback has come directly from our customers who were previously a customer of these other media companies or are still customers of these media companies.


With a suspected figure of over two and a half thousand used car dealers Autotrader are no doubt a popular choice for dealers who want ease of use to get their stock from the Dealer Portal platform straight across to their website swiftly with very little wait times.

Dealers who want finance integration to their site are however seemingly set with stringent rules and guidelines of what can be done not only on their adverts on Autotrader but on their website too.

The price point is approximately the same as the Car Dealer 5 Elite package without the benefits of the standard Stock Updates and SEO  modules, Image editing facilities, design flexibility and most importantly for these dealers the finance options that Car Dealer 5 can bring to the table at the flick of a switch.

Switch now to save up to £900 + VAT per annum

Starkwood Media Group

With a suspected figure of around four to five hundred dealers, Starkwood Media Group websites are great looking sites that also offer finance integrations.

With people on the road all over the country from their base and a small team of staff, Starkwood Media Group are a recognised brand name that a lot of car dealers are aware of.

Switch now to save from around £1000 + VAT per annum


Spidersnet again are a media company brand that most dealers will have heard of. With salespeople on the road and a larger team of staff, Spidersnet sites that compare to a Car Dealer 5 Elite package are also great looking websites.

Switch now to save from £350 + VAT to £1300 + VAT per annum

Click Dealer

Click Dealer not only specialise in used and franchise dealer websites, but they have an excellent DMS which was just awarded Winner status at the Dealer Power awards in Portsmouth, September 2019. With around 1400 dealers using their system throughout the UK, Click Dealer are very well established.

The website quality and designs are extremely good while customer service is also very highly praised. However, with well in excess of 75 staff members due to many new products constantly being released may affect your pocket.

Switch now to save from £600 + VAT per annum


Autoweb Design cater for used and franchise dealer websites throughout the UK and have approximately five to six hundred dealers on board. The used car dealer website designs are of a Similar nature to a Car Dealer 5 Responsive and Super package.

Switch now to save from £350 + VAT to £900 + VAT per annum


To summarise, by switching to a Car Dealer 5 package you will ultimately save  money and time so you can run your business as efficiently as possible. Choose Car Dealer 5, we won't let you down.

* All information in this post was supplied by previous customers of the above media companies or is posted on the media company website.