Are you GDPR ready?

As you may well know, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is on its way and you need to be prepared.

To keep it simple, its all about your customers and potential customers giving you consent to store their details and contact them about future marketing. What this means for your website is that you need to be clear about your privacy statement and how you will not only store your customers data, but how you will use it and when you will destroy / remove it and how you can change or remove it at the customers request.

You are considered to be the Data Controller. Car Dealer 5 Ltd is the Data Processor and your customers are the Data Subjects..

First of all you need to give your Data Subjects a method to give you (the Data Controller) consent. Car Dealer 5 can take care of that for you by adding the necessary tick boxes to secure online forms, standard privacy statements and the ability to store this consent for you for future reference. You will be able to see who the customer is, what date and time they gave you consent, where they gave you consent from and even the IP address / browser they used when they did it. This will be available to you while you are a customer of Car Dealer 5 Ltd.

May 25th is the date you need to be ready and all of our brand new websites will be GDPR ready to show your willingness to conform to this new regulation.

Is your current website GDPR ready? Are you?