Why Choose a Car Dealer 5 solution?

Well, 500 dealers seem to think we are doing ok!

We are a Family Business.

Car Dealer 5 is run by Adrian and Helen Pitt from their office in Wombourne, Staffordshire which is located 4 miles from the city of Wolverhampton. Having over 16 years experience of building car sales and car listing websites, Adrian saw a gap in the market for a website solution aimed at motor traders that are being targetted by companies who charge outrageous prices.

The Car Dealer 5 system does just about everything AND more than the competition whilst being priced "sensibly". The theory is that if a car dealer gets a reliable, fast and efficient service at a great price, they will stay with our system year upon year. Car Dealer 5 also offer updates throughout the year at no extra charge meaning you get a car sales website solution second to none that improves over time for a fixed yearly fee.

Look Professional

Car Dealer 5 websites is the "no brainer" option which can save you a lot of money every year. For 340 per year you get a fully functional website which you control. Stock, text content, pages and you even get a free mobile-ready website included which also shows what information you wish to display.

The mobile template is clever, it detects if your website visitor is looking at your website using either a mobile phone or a web browser and displays the appropriate layout for the device. This really speeds up your site for the user and prevents unwanted scrolling and zooming while using a phone. Clear layout, large buttons and even tap and swipe images just like an app - it's so easy to control and even easier to use!

Save Money!

Websites for car dealers can cost a fortune if you go to the wrong company. To have a custom website built that allows you to enter your own stock and control the content on all the pages can cost well in excess of £2500 to set up not including any unforeseen maintenance updates.

On the other hand, you could go for a car website with a large company which could lead you to pay minimum weekly costs of 30 which equates to over 1400 + VAT per year (and that's the minimum that doesn't include any extras!)

If you are contracted to another car sales website provider we help you every step of the way with what you need to do in order to get your new site up and running as smoothly as possible.