Autotrader vs Ebay Motors Pro

How effective is your car dealer online marketing strategy?

Many car dealers over the last 6 months have approached me with many questions and supplied valuable information as to what stock moves best on which 3rd party advertising sites.

Autotrader Feedback

It appears that when using Autotrader the turnover of stock is much faster than any other 3rd party provider.

It appears that they are more expensive than any other provider – around £8.50-£11.50 per vehicle (+ VAT) per week.

For 20 cars that’s a guestimate of a fair chunk of cash + VAT per month.

It would then appear that the profit margin per vehicle is significantly less due to these facts, however dealers seem somehow comforted to be on Autotrader as they are confident their stock will move swiftly, even though they are busy and earning less profit.

It also seems that any type of car seems to sell using Autotrader.

Car Dealer 5 can feed your Dealer Portal account by plugging your Dealer ID number into the centralised Car Dealer 5 system. Alternatively we can accept an INCOMING feed from your Dealer ID so your Car Dealer 5 website is populated with the stock on your Dealer Portal.

Ebay Motors Feedback

Ebay Motors is as popular as Autotrader with the current dealer count using Car Dealer 5.

Price is the key for this advertiser. Around £169 + VAT per month to list 20 cars is a big hit with our dealers.

That’s only £2 per car per week.

The turnover of cars is lower than Autotrader however the profit margin per car is much higher due to the low monthly price. Also the monthly savings come in handy to list the dealers stock at other 3rd party sites such as, RAC, AA and etc.

Ebay Motors Pro seems to do well for the dealers who list everyday cars under the £10,000 mark.

The Car Dealer 5 system will allow the Ebay Motors Pro dealer to list their stock on Car Dealer 5 and choose which car is sent in the feed. The dealer can also set ‘Make an Offer’ to be switched on and set a minimum offer limit so they only receive the offers over that amount to reduce the amount of ridiculous offers that are unacceptable.

How to link your Car Dealer 5 website to Autotrader

Simply give us your company name, contact name, phone number and Dealer ID then we will take care of the rest.

How to link Car Dealer 5 website to Ebay Motors

Login to your Ebay Motors Pro dashboard then scroll down to “upload settings”. Here you can create a unique username and password combination for 3rd party uploads. Once these credentials are set in your dashboard, let us know what they are and set your 3rd party provider to Car Dealer 5.

We are now VRM ready

As from January 2014 Car Dealer 5 now offers a VRM solution whereby the dealer simply adds in the registration plate of the vehicle they are selling. The Car Dealer 5 system then pulls the live data for the car and inserts it to the dealers website. This saves a great deal of time for the dealer and is an easy upgrade to any Car Dealer 5 website. We have kept the cost sensible in order to keep Car Dealer 5 at the forefront of the industry. A one-time setup fee applies of £50 + VAT. The if you turn over around 15 cars a month your prepayment for VRM lookups will cost £57.60 + VAT annually. You do the maths, that’s less than £35 a month! Can you get that price elsewhere for the same thing? Very much doubt it!!

If you want an easy to use website to list your cars easily and fast, call us today on 08456 432110 or from a mobile 01902 203333 and we can have you up and running usually well within 24 hours and feeding your advertisers too!

Stock feed to Autotrader

From January 2014 we will be able to feed your stock from your Car Dealer 5 website to your account at Autotrader. All you need to do is give us your Dealer ID and we can plug you in!

As usual there is NO CHARGE for this service. If you already have a website that feeds the Autotrader but get charged for the feed, try Car Dealer 5 to see how much money you can save.

Free feed to AA Cars (

If you advertise on the AA website (previously, Car Dealer 5 now offer a free feed from your Car Dealer 5 website directly to your account over at the AA.

Every morning your stock will get transferred over to your account at AA Cars so you don’t have to double up your workload.

Don’t forget that a Car Dealer 5 website is as cheap as £300 + VAT per year and will compliment your business and enhance your online profile greatly.. You don’t need to be spending silly money over £70 + VAT per month when you can pay £25 + VAT with us!

Free stock feed to

Car Dealer 5 are proud to announce a new free stock feed to

If you already have a dealer account at then it means you can use a Car Dealer 5 website to automatically send your stock to daily. is a free site however to get your stock noticed you can pay them a small charge. Car Dealer 5 supply all feeds to your advertisers for free.

Contact us today to get a website setup instantly for £300 + VAT that automatically feeds

Free stock feed to

Car Dealer 5 are proud to announce the long awaited new stock feed to

If you already have a dealer account at Piston Heads then it means you can use a Car Dealer 5 website to automatically send your stock to Piston Heads daily. Car Dealer 5 supply all feeds to your advertisers for free.

Contact us today to get a website setup instantly for £300 + VAT that automatically feeds

Special Offer

Car Dealer 5 are offering a 10% discount should you take a site with a CarCliq package (

CarCliq are a fresh, up and coming new company with around 60,000 cars on their website which is growing fast. By taking this special offer, you not only get 10% off Car Dealer 5 but 50% off CarCliq’s published advertising prices, a dedicated account manager at CarCliq and even Call tracking!

Want to know how much you could save?

Click onto our Cost Savings Calculator page now and see the cost savings today!

How fast can I transfer my existing domain name to Car Dealer 5

If you already have an existing website, we can very easily instruct you on how to transfer the services of your domain over to our system so you can save money. It doesn’t matter if your domain name is a or a .com. We will advise you exactly what to do and in some cases can even do it for you.

We also make sure we setup the same email addresses on your new Car Dealer 5 website so when you go live, you lose no email whatsoever and experience no loss of email service.

If you have a we simply instruct you or your current website provider to change the IPS TAG of your domain to: SWIFTINTERNET
This can be done straight away and your domain will be under our control in a few hours.

If you have a .com domain it firstly has to be “unlocked”. Your current provider can unlock your .com domain name or you can do it yourself if you have registered the .com at a website that has a control panel. When you unlock the domain you request an EPP code. This code is emailed to the administrator of the domain name.

When this code has been obtained, we “request” the domain, which in turn fires an email to the administrator of the .com domain requesting that they change the provider of the domain name. Once this has been confirmed and the EPP Code entered to verify the person is authorised to allow the transfer, it could take up to 7 days before your domain is under our control.

New Feeds to your advertisers

Over the last few months, Car Dealer 5 have been busy building feeds to major advertisers in the industry such as:
RAC Cars
Exchange and Mart

Car Dealer 5 do not charge for feeding your stock to advertisers saving you even more money. If there is an advertiser that you need or want please get in touch and we will endevour to build the feed and add it to our automated system.

Car Dealer 5 – websites for car dealers and autotraders at a cost of only £300 + VAT per year, and yes we heard you! “That is cheap!”

Ebay Motors Pro

Car Dealer 5 is introducing a brand new module so that your stock can be automatically sent to your Ebay Motors Pro account.

Simply setup an ‘Upload username and password’ in the My Settings section of your Ebay Motors Pro account and forward the details to us. Every day your stock will be uploaded to your Ebay account to save you valuable time.

Give us a call on 08456 432 110 if you are an existing dealer using our system or want to setup a new account – we can get you up and running fast!