Car Dealer 5 have now started to release the brand new in-house designs created over the last six months. All the live car dealer website designs have now been hand coded and are available to see on our homepage. Give them a click to see a live dealer using the theme.

With over 20 new designs, Car Dealer 5 have car dealer website themes to suit any dealer and the most expensive is a country mile cheaper than the competitions offerings. These themes are a fantastic alternative to a WordPress theme whilst looking the part and functioning easily being powered by the Car Dealer 5 system. Using a Car Dealer 5 theme not only speeds up data entry by the use of VRM, but allows you to send your stock to all of the major 3rd party advertisers automatically and even several free sites that expose your stock for you. A WordPress driven website cannot do this.

All the Car Dealer 5 themes can be customised with many options including full finance integration built in, displaying or hiding certain options, colours can be changed on the fly to suit your branding and all banner and slider images are available from our stock image selection – predefined perfectly for the theme you are using.. In short, you can’t go wrong and your car dealer website is not only going to look professional but it will be polished, , SEO friendly, GDPR compliant, fast and effective for your customers navigate and get in touch.

To see how Car Dealer 5 can show off your business and save you money, give us a call today on 01902 20 3333 and David will talk you through everything.